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We provide accurate & robust data mining services starting from the initial exploration stage till pattern identification, validation & verification.

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Data Research

At NAXA Solutions our primary goal is customer satisfaction. We deliver quality driven, cost effective solutions specializing in data research services. Recognized by clients as both reliable and trusted, we maintain a hand-picked, dedicated team of data analysts, led by experienced veterans of the data industry, with decades of experience at global data vendors.

We can assist clients with their data analysis, research, collection, validation & remediation needs. Whether your needs are to extract information from financial documents, have an in-house database that needs validation or you want NAXA to collect specific information from official sources such as stock exchange, regulatory bodies or company websites, we have the skills & resources to do just that.

Our data research techniques, combined with a dedicated analytical workforce, strong quality control governance & experienced NYC based project management team empowers us to offer clients intelligent information and solutions. Each piece of data is collected with the vision to help clients draw meaningful results and make informed strategic decisions about their company or markets.

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NAXA solutions realizes the importance of speed and accuracy at which data needs to move today. As a result, NAXA can provide our clients with real-time data services to enhance the scope of their business & provide them with comparative advantages.

Our data service values are driven around the goal of providing customer satisfaction. This is achieved by placing a substantial emphasis on understanding the precise requirement of our clients. Once a request from a client is received, our initial process involves documenting mutually agreed upon requirements to determine the best methodology of approach and to produce the most cost & time effective reliable solution.

We will mobilize our New York City based project management team for an on-site meeting with the client, to build a lasting customer relationship platform, address questions either party may have and to define and agree on the deliverables and delivery date. Each client project will have NAXA Project Management oversight to ensure that we are meeting your standards and most challenging demands.

Under any Data research & analysis lays a set of data that is collected in a manual, expensive and intensive method. This underlying data is the cornerstone for your business.

Whether you're performing initial collection or have a remediation effort, we offer data research collection services that can scale to your size and time line requirements.

Our team of researchers & technical staff are capable of providing cost effective solutions of online research in various sectors. Some of these sectors include:

  • Finance
  • Healthcare
  • Real Estate
  • Media
  • Government
  • Retail

We carry out the data research process in the following manner:

Business Analysis In this initial stage, we will seek to understand your specific data research needs through our on-site Project Manager.

Data Collection This involves gathering the data in an efficient, cost effective manner then validating it through a vigorous Quality Control process. The data collection exercise can be carried out using a manual or automated technique.

Validation Data governance forms a large part of our services. The data will go through a thorough Quality Assurance process prior to being delivered to the client. Business rules and validation will be applied to all mined data before final submission to the client. In addition, regular meetings will be organized to provide metrics and project status such that nothing is left to chance.

Deployment In this final stage, various models will be applied to the data in order to reveal consistent patterns between the various variables. Ultimately, the analyzed data will be delivered to the client in an organized, logical format.

Data sets: Virtually any data set can be gathered. Examples include:

Reference Data Management
Securities information
Prospectus validation
Offering Circulars

Public Records
Housing information
Tax Liens

Client Data

Normalize your client data in a concise, structured format
Gather incomplete or missing information
Transform hard copy information into electronic, machine readable data

Data Support Services

In addition to data research services, NAXA can help clients reduce or eliminate operational processes by offering the following services:

  • Data Entry, Online & Offline
  • Data Extraction
  • Data Entry of Business Survey's
  • My SQL database data entry services
  • Database development & migration services
  • Invoice forms data entry
  • Database & company report data entry services
  • OCR clean up services

At NAXA we are as passionate as our clients to improve existing procedures, test new techniques and brainstorm new methods to enable our clients achieve optimum levels of efficiency in their implemented business or data strategy.

Do you have an idea but need a cost efficient manual resource to materialize it?

Would you like a powerful custom build tool to enable better output from your data?

Do you want to expand on your current data coverage or add a service to it?

Talk to us. We can assist. NAXA can help. It’s what we do!

Document & Data Management

Information is power. Without an efficient technique to manage your business information, you are increasing operation costs, reducing productivity, and hurting your reputation.

A single piece of distorted or lost information can deteriorate the image of your company just as it can aggravate the financial losses. This is why Naxa Solutions offers comprehensive and top- notch document and data management systems so that companies can enjoy better control of their information activities.

Combining convenience with experience, we are experts in assisting businesses of all sizes solve their largest and newest document and data management issues. We take the pain out of paper to help businesses, like yours, have a fully integrated information management system that drives efficiency and increases productivity.

Our sufficiently trained and security vetted team go beyond their means to provide you with powerful document management programs that maximize your revenues, accelerate access to the information your business requires to be competitive in the marketplace, and minimize your exposure to risks.

Our team is passionable has a passion for what we do and this is reinforced by our relentless desire to create unrivaled, bespoke solutions for secure, organized document and data management systems. Our skillset support both physical records and digital information encompassing a wide range of sectors and industries.

At Naxa Solutions, we believe that every client is different. Therefore, we try to understand their unique requirements and create lasting relationships that support the clients’ document lifecycle.

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With Naxa Solutions, you can benefit from the following services.

  • Excellent management of your most important business documents throughout their full lifespan–from launch to management to archiving to obliteration—using sophisticated record management tools.
  • Hassle-free transition from paper to digital records. We have robust document imaging services to ensure the longevity of your most critical business records. Fast, secure, and reliable access to stored information.
  • Quality records management and storage to revolutionize the manner in which you handle your paperwork.
  • Defensible process for collecting, encrypting, organizing, and analyzing data to elevate corporate productivity for all types of businesses.
  • Data restoration services to protect against disasters and unforeseen system failures.
  • Appropriate management of your critical business information to make sure it is destroyed responsibly.

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  • tel:732.924.4260

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